About Me

When was the last time you had an adventure? 


What do you dream about when you close your eyes?


I dream about travel. I love to see new places, meet new people. I love to experience new things.

I love to be around other people having the same new and incredible experiences for the first time...


Travel is my passion. Adventure is my business.

Care to go for a ride?



Travel appointments are my first preference. Dinner and full evening appointments after that. 

The more time you have, the less rushed you feel, the more you begin to really truly enjoy yourself.

Available to give private yoga instruction, and thai massage, or a combination appointment.


Any Sci-Fi Fans in the house?  Firefly?   Serenity?

In truth I'm more of a classy space traveling 'Companion' from the future; fully trained in the arts of love, and of discriminating taste and character... than I am a typical escort of the modern age. But you play the hand you are dealt, n'est-ce pas?


A Little more background information...

I grew up in Connecticut and I was educated in Vermont . I studied English Literature and Community Development and Applied Economics.

After college I wandered to and fro and landed on the Island of Manhattan. I have worked as a dancer, a personal assistant, a production assistant, a stage manager, a salesman for high-end fabric in the Design and decorating building.

I lived in Costa Rica for a few months and taught yoga on the beach in the jungle town of St. Teresa on the Nicoya peninsula. I traveled back to Manhattan. I taught boot camp style fitness classes in central park for a while, and then moved into Artistic Direction helping to write, design, cast and direct live performances at the Black party. I currently hold the position of Editor-at-Large for Instigator Magazine, the premiere Alpha Male Fetish Magazine to “The Industry”

I love to be outdoors. I love the sun on my face. During the winter, I’ll pass a gap in the taller buildings and I’ll see the sun for just a moment. I’ll stop wherever I am and let the light wash over me, and take a moment to let the hustling and bustling flow of the city move all around while I stand in momentary silent communion with the sun.

I love the beach. I love to sit in the sand by the sea and read a good book. I love fiction and I especially love poetry. I love theatre, musicals, and dramas, all of it. I love the ballet and the opera. I love to sail and adore boats of any kind. I love to go to the movies, and to go out on the town. I love to dance until dawn and then some.

I love to go skiing; I love the winter and the snow. I love a wood fire and the feeling of being secluded in the woods. I love to travel and the smell of new locals. New places fascinate me and I can never get enough.

I have a passion for leather and fetish culture, which I feel is integrally tied into mainstream culture in ways that most people take for granted. Counter culture and sub culture give meaning and expression to the culture that they mirror and underlie and neither can function without the other. It’s a subject by which I am entranced and it has informed much of the work I have done with the Black Party here in New York City.

That’s me in a nutshell.




Those top gentlemen seeking single hour appointments, please bear in mind that an hours is short span of time, and more complicated practices that require exquisite hygene and touch up maintenece may not be accomadated therein. For such in-depth interpersonal connections, your indulgence of a two hour minimum is greatly appreciated.


Name: Nick Sterling Main City: Manhattan, NY Sex: Male Body Type: Muscular Height: 5' 7" Weight: 200 lbs Age: 34 Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Brunette Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Short


The World is filled with beautiful and extraordinary people

I want to meet as many of them as I can in this lifetime.


The world is filled with incredible and amazing places

I want to see as much of this planet as I possibly can.


What do you want?

Rate Session Service Details
$300 USD 1hr Outcalls
$1500 USD 12hrs Outcalls
$450 USD 1hr Outcalls Couples (please inquires for multi hour discounts)


With enough notice I am able to accomadate most date/time requests.

Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Sunday 10am-Midnight Outcalls



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I appreciate it if before you reach out to contact me that you thoroughly read my website. Most questions you have including my protocal, rates and availability can be found within. I would rather spend my time getting to know you then answering questions that can be found in the pages of my website.


I generally book sessions between noon and midnight.  I am often booked at least 24 hours in advance, so it’s best to book as far ahead of time as possible in order to reserve the time you prefer.

Same Day Appointments

If my schedule allows, same day appointments are always available to friends I have met with before- you are welcome to contact me by voice, text or email. If you are a new client and I am able to screen you right away, then a same day appointment may be possible.


(917) 773-8128

No blocked numbers. No text messages.


I'm Ready to book